We provide intermediary services to Brokers

Most of our business comes from personal referrals and our relationships with brokers throughout Ireland. We have built relationships with these clients and with their brokers by giving them independent and objective advice that they can trust. Our credibility in the market relies on this, therefore we believe in always working openly and honestly with the broker and their client.

We offer a specialist brokerage service to brokers and to their clients, assisting them and consulting to ensure they find a market for their bonds. As surety specialists we represent a large selection of sureties, and we help to fit the client’s and the needs of their principal with the right surety provider.

Our experience and expertise help to simplify the complicated nature of placing bonds. Given that not all providers will be interested in every enquiry; our knowledge allows us to target those companies and underwriters who we know will be interested in offering terms. This saves the client or broker valuable time and usually enables us to obtain terms speedily.

What we can do for you:

As an intermediary of surety bonds, we offer you:

  • Access to a global surety market: Ireland, UK, EU, US & Internationally
  • An experienced surety team who can secure competitive terms in the market
  • A highly personal & professional service
  • Superior technical expertise
  • Independent advice on different bond types and wordings to best tailor bonds according to the specific needs of the beneficiary
  • Extensive international expertise, including arranging cross-border surety facilities
  • Firm relationships with the surety providers; ensuring we can get deals done

Application Process

The time involved in getting you your bond varies. It depends on how quickly the information is gathered, the complexity and type of the contract, the needs of the beneficiary and how quickly we receive the terms for you and how satisfactory they are to you. However, we can guarantee our customers and the brokers we deal with, that we constantly strive to simplify the process and make things as straight forward as possible.

We are always pleased to go over things in advance of an application being received. We want to get to know the client, understand their business and bonding needs – so that we can advocate on your client’s behalf.

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Our process is seamless and requires very little effort from you. As our client you will benefit from both our expertise, and our established relationships with global surety markets.

Why Choose Surety Bonds?

Because customers benefit from our experience in the Global Bond Market.


Our experienced team of surety specialists simplify the process for our clients as they secure tailored and competitive terms on their behalf.


Firm relationships established with surety providers & specialist underwriters; ensuring we can get deals done securing favourable rates, terms & conditions without delays.


As Ireland’s leading authority on surety bonds we are a trusted intermediary recognised and relied upon by Brokers nationwide as they provide best terms and service to their clients.

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