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Energy Ireland Conference 2019 addressed Drivers of Change in the Energy Sector, the Future Role of Gas, Digital Energy, Dimensions of Ireland’s Energy Transition, Energy Security and more.

Energy Ireland Conference 2019

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It was our pleasure to meet you at this year’s Energy Ireland Conference.


Last week saw the 23rd annual Energy Ireland conference in the impressive setting of Croke Park. This year’s conference was a huge success – once again bringing together Ireland’s energy sector for two days of debate and networking. Alongside the conference plenary which explored Ireland’s energy future and policy, the conference also featured The Irish Energy Leader’s Debate which tackled a number of critical topics including ‘What will be the future of gas in Ireland’s future energy mix?’

There were also sessions on Drivers of Change in the Energy Sectorthe Future Role of GasDigital EnergyDimensions of Ireland’s Energy TransitionEnergy Security and more.

Bonding Solutions for the Energy Sector...


The Energy Sector, is increasing turning to securing bonding solutions to free up working capital, as an alternative to Bank Guarantees and also in accordance and compliance with EPA / State regulations. To this end, Surety Bonds were delighted for the opportunity to attend and to meet with clients and many new contacts.  As Ireland’s leading specialist in surety & bond solutions Surety Bonds represent a large selection of regulated sureties & underwriters who are experts within the Energy Sector.


We provide surety bonds and guarantees predominantly as an alternative to bank guarantees allowing our clients to free up banking lines & put this capital to work in other areas. And also for a number of clients who require a surety bond as it ensures strict compliance with EPA and/or State regulations on operating an Oil & Gas Well, Disposing of Waste, Decommissioning or the operation and more.

Looking for an alternative to Bank Guarantees for Your Energy Sector Project?

Surety Bonds represent a number of surety carriers with dedicated Energy Teams and are in a position to handle any bonding challenge for clients in this dynamic evolving industry quickly & professionally. We capitalise on the experience of our underwriters in providing surety bonds for the energy industry. It is our collective experience & expertise that allows us to shape surety solutions to fit our clients’ needs.


Here are just some of the Bonds we provide:

  • Performance Bonds
  • Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Bonds
  • Operation & Maintenance Bonds
  • EPA Approved On-demand Bonds
  • Reinstatement Bonds
  • Decommissioning Bonds

Oil & Gas Energy

A Surety Bond is often a prerequisite to explore or drill…

Surety bonds are often required from Oil & Gas Well Operators as a prerequisite to obtaining permission to explore or drill in a particular area.


Who requires an oil & gas Bonds?

You do, if your business operates in:

  • Well Drilling
  • Well Operation
  • Well Plugging
  • Well Maintenance & Repair
  • Managing Industry caused Environmental Pollution

 There are many reasons for an O&G Bond, however whether it is tied to title or capacity our teams of specialists at Surety Bonds will find a solution for your requirements. For more information we invite you to visit or to contact me directly at [email protected].


We look forward to the 24th Energy Ireland Conference and to seeing you there.


Kindest regards,


Colm McGrath

MD Surety Bonds