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Surety Bonds for EPA & Waste Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mission is to protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people of Ireland and to protect our people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation and pollution.

This guidance applies to EPA licensees whose licences require financial provision to be put in place. The EPA has identified the prevention and remediation of environmental damage and pollution from incidents and closure of licensed facilities as one of its strategic priorities. Ensuring that there is adequate financial provision in place to manage these environmental risks is essential to ensure that the people of Ireland are protected from the consequences of environmental damage. Adequate financial provision for environmental liabilities is important to protect the environment and also to minimise the exposure of the State to the cost of remediating environmental damage and pollution when persons carrying out licenced activities fail to do so.

The waste industry is bound by strict guidelines and provisions. The EPA’s Guidance on Financial Provision for Environmental Liabilities, identifies the prevention and remediation of environmental damage and pollution from incidents as a key strategy. In line with this they have set out provisions applying to waste treatment facilities, landfill sites and trans-shipments of waste with the later managed by the National TFS Office.

Link: https://www.epa.ie/pubs/advice/licensee/ELRA%20Guidance%20Document.pdf

Our team at Surety Bonds has worked with the EPA and Dublin City Council, the National Competent Authority for the export, import and transit of waste shipments for Ireland and their colleagues at the National TFS Office. We have the experience and the knowledge pertaining to this regulated industry and will negotiate your required bond without delay or fuss.

Surety Bonds for EPA & Waste Industries

  • EPA Approved On-Demand Bonds
  • Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Bond

If you require an EPA approved Bond but are daunted by the process and legislation, let Surety Bonds put your mind at ease and secure the correct Bond for your obligations on your behalf. Contact us today, to discuss your requirements.

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