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Bonding Services


Our experience and expertise help to simplify the complicated nature of placing bonds, our knowledge allows us to target those sureties and underwriters who we know will be interested in offering terms and/or facilities. A key part of our offering is managing clients bond capacity, ensuring that the ability to bond future contracts is never compromised.

Tender Services

For clients with regular bond requirements we can assist with the following:

  • Provision of tender letters from Surety Bonds
  • Provision of tender letters from insurers
  • Provide indicative quotes for costing purposes
  • Advise on the contractual obligations of the tender
  • Advise acceptability of proposed bond wordings
  • Give advice on the suitability of the contract and bond wordings

Capacity Management

Surety firms will evaluate many variables prior to determining bonding capacity and establishing bonding lines at the project level and company level, including but not limited to:

  • financial health and liquidity
  • bank lines of credit terms and conditions
  • prior job performance experience and references
  • prior job gross profit fade experience
  • prior job revenue, cost and profit control
  • claims and change order history
  • level of perceived open and integrity-driven communication

Surety Bonds will assist you in managing your capacity whether it is single or multiple lines by having open, honest and active communication. And as you plan for the year and years ahead, we will work constructively with your firm to make sure you have adequate facilities in place to meet all your current and future contractual obligations.

Expiry Management

Surety Bonds actively manage this process. For bonds expiring beyond completion of works, we will automatically contact you at the estimated date of contract completion in order to obtain Practical Completion Certs or to enable the negotiation of an extension to the bond and the additional costs where it is required. The benefit of catching additional costs early will enable the contractor to pass on or negotiate on these additional costs with the employer.

Submission to Market

Most business owners would not know that every company is listed on at least 10 credit rating agencies and 8 credit insurer databases. A company’s credit rating is their businesses’ most important calling card. If they do not meet a surety’s criteria, the meeting is over before it has even started. The provision of bonds should not be seen as a commodity insurance product but as a strategic financial product which is built on relationships, and when successful, has many advantages. A bond facility should be deemed as important as a bank loan or overdraft facility. The relationship a business owner has with their bank manager should be mirrored with their bond provider.

Surety bonds will assist in building those key relationships, we will work in gathering and presenting all the information required by an underwriter in a detailed manner that gives them a complete understanding of the business. When an underwriter is presented with detailed information, they are more likely to consider the submission in a positive way.

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Our process is seamless and requires very little effort from you. As our client you will benefit from both our expertise, and our established relationships with global surety markets.

Why Choose Surety Bonds?

Because customers benefit from our experience in the Global Bond Market.


Our experienced team of surety specialists simplify the process for our clients as they secure tailored and competitive terms on their behalf.


Firm relationships established with surety providers & specialist underwriters; ensuring we can get deals done securing favourable rates, terms & conditions without delays.


As Ireland’s leading authority on surety bonds we are a trusted intermediary recognised and relied upon by Brokers nationwide as they provide best terms and service to their clients.

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