Title Indemnity

What does Title Indemnity cover?

  • Absence of Easement: This is where a property has to be accessed via private land (for example a private road), but the deed does not give the owner right of way and legal access to this land. In this case, the owner of the land could refuse access to the property.
  • Lack of Planning Permission: If a property has been extended or converted without permission from the proper planning authority, title indemnity insurance can protect the owner if the council decides to take enforcement action.
  • Lost Titles: This is where title deeds have been lost or destroyed, and therefore certain facts about the property are unknown.
  • Inadequate Detail: This is where a title deed does not contain full and accurate descriptions of the property, leaving it open to interpretation.

The policy will cover losses related to legal challenges against the deed, for example, if part of the building needs to be demolished, or to cover legal fees if the owner is taken to court.

Other covers available:

  • Planning Breaches
  • Adverse Possession
  • Portfolio of Properties
  • Bespoke Policies for Specialist Commercial Risks

Title indemnity is required in a number of sectors:

  • Banks – secured lender protection
  • Banks – Loan & Asset Solutions for single or portfolios of property
  • Investors – Title products and Legal Indemnities give investors a guarantee that the quality of their assets is as high as possible, whilst saving time, reducing due diligence costs and facilitating quicker deals. Designed specifically for the Wholesale and Capital Markets, they provide complete peace of mind.
  • Renewable Energy – Our insurers cover every project type, size, funding model, risk exposure and loss criteria in the renewable energy sector
  • Telecommunications – Insurance policies have been developed to reflect the specific tenure, loss and operational factors, which are particular to this sector. Title risk can adversely impact on income streams.
  • Retail – Transactions in this sector need tailored cover that goes beyond safeguarding the value of the real estate. Funding arrangements can be complex. Landlords need to consider rental income streams and risks to profits. Tenants need to cover their liabilities on rack rent leases. Complex risks like these are our speciality and our bespoke policies provide the answers
  • Residential Development – The Help to Buy Scheme is already adding much needed momentum to the residential development market. Whether policies are required to manage risk on land bank portfolios or to enable developments afflicted by onerous restrictive covenants, village green or rights of light risks, our policies can be structured in anticipation of seamless plot sales.
  • Mining & Minerals – A mines and minerals cover offers protection against the cost of defending, settling or compensating if a third party attempts to interfere with the surface use of the land by exercising the right to mine or extract minerals. It also provides protection if a third party seeks to thwart the development or demands a ransom payment by claiming that the foundations of the development trespass into the mineral’s strata
  • Developers – Planning Risks – this includes cover for items such as judicial review, breach of planning permission conditions or lack of planning permission

Get the best Title Indemnity Insurance Policy for Your Property

At Surety Bonds, we can help you to find the best title indemnity policy for both commercial and residential properties. We will work closely with you to find a suitable policy that meets your needs and provides comprehensive cover at an affordable price. We have strong relationships with a number of banks and insurance companies, meaning we can access and identify the best protection for your property.


What do we need to provide terms for missing Title Deeds?

While there  is no specific form, we do require the following information:

  • A note of the property addresses
  • Property value or sale price
  • Property type, i.e. Residential semi-detached two storey, commercial
  • Details of the issue and any supporting documentation
  • Confirmation that all deeds are registered in the Registry of Deeds at the Property Registration Office
  • Confirmation that there have been no third-party challenges to the title to the property to date
  • Confirmation that a signed statutory declaration will be provided upon inception of the policy if terms are offered
  • Any supporting documentation that might be readily available i.e. map of property portfolio boundaries etc and/or memorandums

For all other queries please contact us, our team of specialists will be happy to discuss your title indemnity requirements with you.

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